We do the cooking

Our Chefs create all of our recipes & take control of shopping! They then prepare only the freshest ingredients. Using locally sustained if possible!

We do the delivering

We then Deliver directly to your doorstep or you can Pick it up at one of our many pick up locations!We then Deliver directly to your doorstep or you can Pick it up at one of our many pick up locations!

You enjoy

Enjoy freshly made food prepared in our kitchen and delivered to your table. We take the hassle out of your life.

This Weeks Menu

Sarah Maitland From Ma- LenyBlac's Food & Fitness has halped me eat healthier and feel better about myself. Working 12hr shifts it's easy to just grab 3 meals out the fridge and go! The food is absolutley amazing, I havent had one dish I didn't like. My favorite dish is the Beef Bolo!

Jessy Pervez From Ma- LenBlac's Food & Fitness helps me with portion control, and planning out my week. Best of all it tastes Amazing!

Greg Hereford Ma- LenyBlac's Food & Fitness's meals are designed to bring out the best in you! The meals are Flavorful, Nutritionally Dense & Portion Controlled! Absolutely perfect for any Athlete, Parent, Ceo or simply just because you LOVE FOOD!

Angel Deleon From Ma- Thank you to LenyBlac & his team for helping me to keep pushing to reach my goals... it's more than just a Business!

“So Good I couldn’t tell it was Keto”

I don’t know how they do it, but this is the best low carb food I’ve had! -Jessica H. Louisville, KYI

“The pasta. Wow. How is this possible?!?!”

I’ve always struggled with veggie noodles. This is incredible! -Matt N. Louisville, KY

“I love the Bread!”

I love being able to have bread again. -Kevin S. Louisville, KYI

“Soooooooo good!”

The food is great, and the delivery driver is always so friendly! -Paula M. Louisville, KY

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